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I have been practising as a Massage Therapist since 1997 after I graduated from The Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy, Toronto, Canada. I worked in a Sports’ Injury Rehabilitation Clinic in Hamburg, Germany where I gained incredible experience in treating clients’ injuries from - hip replacements, knees and ligament surgery to postural sports’ injuries.

In 2001, I set up the Side Hotel in Hamburg Spa which was designed by Matheo Thun an Italian architect. I set up an exclusive spa with a treatment menu and yoga / fitness regime.

In 2002, I trained to be a Hatha Yoga Teacher - ‘Sivananda style’ at a mountain retreat ashram in Austria. Teaching Yoga in German in my early stages was somewhat challenging! I taught in the Y8 Sivananda studio Hamburg. In my years working as a massage therapist and yoga teacher I have built up an impressive list of clients’ in media, film, art and music as well as having the opportunity to work with corporate organisations such as Google, musical theatre Billy Elliot and working backstage with Weleda skincare and body products for London Fashion Week.

I am now living and working in The Cotswolds with weekly visits to London to treat clients as well as travelling the length and breadth of The Cotswolds for massage and facial treatments and regular yoga classes.

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“I have been going to Amanda’s yoga classes for about eighteen months. She always keeps her classes fresh and interesting. She creates a safe and nurturing space and each student is encouraged challenges themselves appropriately and not to compare themselves with others. She provides a clear instruction, yoga mats and equipment. I always leave feeling much better than at the beginning of the class physically and mentally."
Claire Dickson
“Amanda’s Yoga classes are a godsend. Our weekly classes are always delivered with grace and energy. Yoga has improved my flexibility, strength and stamina to deal with life.
Rachael Harding
“Amanda is my favourite sports’ massage therapist - she finds the parts that need her and works really effectively on them - I am in a much better physical place than I was before I met her. Plus she is a lovely person who really cares about her clients’ and goes the extra mile for all of us.
Francesca Barnes

Massage Therapy

with Amanda Bucher
Pregnancy - pre natal and post natal treatments.

A full body 90 minute or 120 minute massage treatment carefully positioning the mum-to-be on Pregnancy body cushions enabling me to focus on area such as legs, gluts which need circulation, reflexology foot massage, back, shoulders, neck and arms and a soothing scalp massage. I use Weleda’s Pregnancy blend of massage oil.

Holistic Sports and Deep tissue Massage Treatment

This is one of my signature treatments. I work on the body as a ‘whole’ being holistically to relax and treat the body to some deep tissue muscle treatment which can energise and invigorate but also break down scar tissue from injuries. I use a selection of Weleda body oils’ including Arnica Massage Balm, Citrus refreshing Body oil, Lavender relaxing, Rose Harmonising.

“Amanda is a wonderful therapist. She certainly has an intuitive touch and always understands what you need in the treatment. Myself and my husband have been having regular sports’ massages for many years and we always feel like new afterwards. We are very lucky to have found her.
Natasha and Dave Whileman

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