Rhodes Memorial Hall

  • Location

    Rhodes Memorial Hall

    Brockhampton GL54 5XH

  • Yoga Type

    Hatha Yoga
  • Size

    Up to 12 people
  • Day & Time


    10.30am - 11.30am

Yoga Location

  • Details

    Small class upto 12 which gives me a chance to help adjust or correct. Each week I will concentrate on a body part, breathing technique or a theme so there is always variation and techniques to help you if you have anxiety, stress, muscular injuries or just need an hour to yourself.
  • What do I provide

    I provide Yoga Mats, bolsters, blocks and straps (if we need to use them).
  • What do you need to bring

    Please bring a blanket which we use for our relaxation at the end of the class and also is good is various postures.
“Amanda’s Yoga classes are a godsend. Our weekly classes are always delivered with grace and energy. Yoga has improved my flexibility, strength and stamina to deal with life.
Rachael Harding
“I have been going to Amanda’s yoga classes for about eighteen months. She always keeps her classes fresh and interesting. She creates a safe and nurturing space and each student is encouraged challenges themselves appropriately and not to compare themselves with others. She provides a clear instruction, yoga mats and equipment. I always leave feeling much better than at the beginning of the class physically and mentally."
Claire Dickson

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